So today we were heading to Agra from New Delhi. We got a few taxis and headed to the train station for a 3 hour ride. The train was not what we expected. It was surprisingly clean, they supplied you a litre bottle of water at first, then some tea and biscuits and half way through the journey some breakfast. This contained another tea, bread and jam & some vegetarian cutlets – which are like spiced mashed potatoes in a breadcrumb coating.
Once off the train, we got a private bus into the town of Agra on route to our hotel (Hotel Amar Yatri Niwas) which has a convenient Costa Coffee next door. The room was clean, with an en-suite which had a normal/western toilet and a shower with hot water!

Next, we got cleaned up and took a short bus journey about 10-15 minutes to Agra Fort. This fort was impressive all covered in red bricks and the inside was massive! Walking around, we got to learn the history behind it and even managed to see the Taj Mahal in the distance as these two attractions were very close together. The story behind the fort was about the emperor of India, who was house arrested by his son here. This cost us around 550 INR (£6.50) each (its 500 if you’ve also got a Taj Mahal ticket)

We went out for some traditional lunch which was called a Tulley – a dish filled with different Indian dishes; Naan, Chicken Tikka Masala, Salad, Rice, Spiced veg sprinkled with cottage cheese and … which was really nice and only cost 200INR (£2.30) for both of us!

We then waited around till 4pm to freshen up (well me and Luke had a nap) ready to go visit the Taj Mahal. There’s a lot of things your not allowed in the Taj Mahal so take as little as you can. We just took both our phones, half litre of bottled water, a selfie stick and a camera to avoid being searched and taking too much time. There are many entrances to the Taj so be careful and remember where you came! Once there you are free to explore and take in the stunning sites. You can enter the Taj Mahal, you just either need to take your shoes off or wear shoe covers. There is a separate line for ‘High Ticket Holders’ which just means white people and foreigners, so skip the massive long line with the Indians to go inside.


  • Taj Mahal was built by the emperor for his 3rd wife (she was the one that gave him children), after their 14th child she passed away, so he built this in memory of her.
  • He wanted to build a black Taj Mahal for himself and connect the two by a golden bridge (you can see the foundations) but, that’s when we got captured in the Agra Fort.
  • All the Taj Mahal was built with hammer and chisel, no other tools were used.
  • The four pillars are slightly leaning out, this is because if India had an earthquake, it would hit the pillars and not the Taj Mahal itself.
  • The emperor and his 3rd wife are buried in the basement of the Taj Mahal (which you can no longer visit) but inside, there are replicas on the coffins in the middle that you can visit.

From here, we left and took a battery-powered bus (as you cannot pollute the air around the Taj Mahal) back to a rooftop restaurant which was beautiful with 2 men playing drums and guitar in the background.

We then got home to venture out early again in the morning for 6am.


  • Research what you can take and what you can’t to the Taj Mahal as the rules change quite frequently
  • Be prepared to loose power in many outlets due to them loosing power often
  • Probably don’t spend no longer than 2 days here, as the only things to sight see is Taj Mahal and Agra Fort
  • Remember there’s a separate line for foreign visitors.

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Wanderlust Lab is a collaboration between Abbie and Luke for the sharing of travelling knowledge to help backpackers and travellers all across the globe. Live Wanderlust.

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