The journey to Boracay

From Bohol, we spent one more night in Cebu to make it easier for us to catch a flight. The journey to Boracay from Cebu wasn’t what we expected. It’s rather a annoying process if I’m honest. Once you fly to their airport (Catalan), you then need to grab a tricycle to the port and get a ferry to the actual island of Boracay. Once there, you then need to get another tricycle to your accommodation. Only for us, to then repeat this whole process again in 3 more days. It cost us 500php each (£8) to do this process on way.


Boracay is the most popular island in the Philippines when it comes to tourism. Mad Monkey is where we stayed to embrace the ‘party vibe’ of this island. Complete with a pool, bar and swimming pool, it’s easy to just relax all day long. Alongside, many activities that you can book through the hostel.


In Boracay, besides drinking, there’s many activities you can do. Mainly water based. From the likes of sailing, snorkelling, scuba diving and many more.

Disappointed, once again, with the weather we were given. It meant, only having the option to do a couple of things during the time here.

Spider House

We did however walk to the Spider House. A hotel and restaurant right, essentially on the ocean. Nearby Diniwid Beach meaning its easy to get here and spend the whole day. There’s no entrance fee to come in as long as you order something either food or drink. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a swim, jump on their trampoline in the water or dive off of their boards. It’s a perfect place to spend time and have fun!

Helmet Diving

Another thing we done was something we’d never heard of before – Helmet diving! A must do in Boracay apparently. Just a jumpy speedboat ride away, you will come to a floating platform. At first glance all you can see is pipes going underwater and many oxygen tanks connecting it. Whilst, severe apprehension builds deep inside you.

You will nervously descend the ladder first, not knowing what to expect. Just before you go underwater, you get a (very heavy) helmet placed on your head which eases going down roughly 10ft. This helps you to breathe and see without the need of a certification for diving. That’s when you realise how amazing this experience is. With your feet comfortably on the sea bed, this much-anticipated activity soon turns into how much you can squeeze in 20 minutes. You are completely surrounded by an abundance of colourful fishes and beautiful lively coral reefs. Usually included in this experience is some fish food which of course gets you inundated with a whole school of fish around you.

We booked with Watercolours for 800php (£11.20) each.


D’mall isn’t like what you would expect back home. Instead, this is all located outside. A collection of unique shops and restaurants right near the beach between station 1 and 2. Restaurants offer everything from fine dining to the the tight-budget backpacker.

Where Next?

We are catching a flight to the island of Palawan. To the beautiful place of El Nido.


  • Closer the white beach the better because the beach is much nicer!
  • You will save money if you make you own way through the airport and to the boat yourself rather than getting a ‘package deal’ – even though at first it appears easier!
  • With helmet diving don’t forget to equalise otherwise you will be in a bit of pain later on!

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