Introduction to Coron

The hidden gem of the Philippine’s – Coron, yet to be discovered by tourists. A beautiful, picture perfect island. A sublime finish to our tour of Philippine’s – our favourite one yet.


Getting a boat to Coron from Palawan, El Nido, is painless. Many tourist providers are located in the tourist town to get a ticket. Luckily, it’s only a 3 hour drive by speedboat as before it was a 8-9 longboat. Although, I’m sure that would still be just as amazing. Due to the majestic islands you manage to see along the way. Plus, it’s only for 1,600php (£21) which is definitely cheaper than flying!

The island

Exploring the town there’s not much there apart from the many restaurants, bars and tourists providers. The beaches are located on the other side of the island meaning you would need a taxi to get there which can turn out quite pricey.

Hike to Mt.Tapyas

As soon as you arrive in Coron, whether it’s daylight or evening, you will notice the ‘Coron’ sign on Mt.Tapyas. Highlighted on the 2nd largest hill on the island, is their own ‘Hollywood’ signage. Here is where you can hike up to in order to see an incredible sight displaying Coron and it’s nearby islands. 723 steps later and being breathless, you will witness the beauty. Especially during sunset!

Coron sunset


Buzz express – There’s a restaurant in the town which offers many Filipino dishes and (missed!) western options too! Although, a little pricey, it’s still one of the nicest places we’ve eaten so far.

No Name Bar – This is a nice bar with music. The food were quite big portions but quite average. Good for a cheap little eat though.

Boat trip

For 1,200php (£16) you can take part in the #1 activity in Coron. The reason why we came here! There are many different routes you can take, with many different providers. Do your research beforehand to see where it is that you most-likely wish to go. Below details our adventure – the Coron Ultimate Tour with Kaiz;

  1. Twin lagoon – This was mesmerising. Not dubbed, not photoshopped, completely without CGI. This is the first time you will see (in person) how the ocean turns from jade green to turquoise to deep blues. You have the opportunity to swim in these beautiful, warm waters. Make sure you pass the first lagoon between the rocks to the second.
  2. CYC beach and Coral Garden – This deserted beach looks like the middle of nowhere. A perfect paradise island. The kind where you can only imagine. Palm trees, stunning white sands and the deep, clear waters surrounding it. This also houses one of the most gorgeous coral reefs ever. Snorkelling over these distinctive colourful reefs, you can see how they dance to the rythem of the waves. How the different species of the underwater world become alive weaving between them. You won’t realise how amazing this hidden marine world is, until you see for yourself.
  3. Lusong Gunboat Shipwreck – Not much further, is a shipwreck (10m deep) in which you can snorkel towards. It is where one of the twelve Japanese ships sunk during World War II.
  4. Lunch at Smith beach – Next on the tour is lunch. An extensive spread with varieties of seafood, rice and vegetables. All of which are on another beautiful island.
  5. Kayangan Lake – The second to last stop. A 10 minute hike to a colossal lake with hypnotised sparkling waters. You can detect the rock formations from under your feet with a mountainous background.
  6. Siete Pecados Marine park – Last but certainly not least. A stop in the middle of the depths of the ocean. A marine park. Plenty of fishes, Coral reefs and sometimes even baby sharks and turtles.

Boat trip Coron

Boat trip Coron

Where’s next?

Well unfortunately, that’s the end to the Philippine’s. Now, we take a long journey back to Cambodia to enjoy Phnom Penh. Before, heading into Vietnam.


  • Climb Mat.Tapyas for sunrise or sunset
  • Take a boat trip to explore the islands – they are incredible!
  • Allow plenty of time if you need to go to the airport as it’s quite a way out – in the neighbouring town, Busuanga.
  • If you are going to the airport, take the airport express not a tuk-tuk. It is only 150php (£1.10) each one way.Snorkelling in Coron

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