After being woken up at 4am to a fire alarm we’ve made it here in New Delhi, C Park Inn at 5.30pm.
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Dubai was not what we expected, although parts were spectacular, the overall experience was challenging to say the least. Me and Luke had visioned Dubai as a stunning destination which are favoured by many newly weds and people who earn a lot of money. However, we were shortly surprised about how we would find this.

Don’t get us wrong, Dubai was truly beautiful but if you are on a budget or are tight on time, here isn’t the place for you. We still managed to have a lovely time, take loads of photos and squeeze in bits and pieces despite the 42 degree heat. Read about these and some tips too;


Me & Luke were close to giving up as by this point 2 of our tours we booked previously to save time and money were cancelled and a no-show. We had booked a tour up the Burj Khalifa and a desert safari.

Burj Khalifa – Although our tour was cancelled, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity! So we booked one at the hotel to avoid any mistakes. We paid a bit more than your average price, for two it was 400 AED (£95) but, where we wanted to do it, we didn’t mind too much. You can usually get this for £55-60 for two. This takes you to the 124th and 125th floor where you can look over the whole of Dubai and be so suprised like us of how quickly the city centre as you know it, turns back into a desert! You can pay more to go to the top ‘Sky Deck’ but your talking about an extra £100 (plus extra if you want to see it at sunset!). To enter you have to go through the Dubai Mall (See below for more information)

Dubai Fountains – This was magical. I really advise you to go both day and night but, night in our opinion, was definitely better! The lights, the music and all without the scorching heat (it’s still hot but not as bad!). These are free to watch and happen every 30 minutes between 6-10pm.

Dubai Mall – This mall was massive and had everything you would ever need from electronics to fashion to more attractions. It’s really easy to get to; 1. You can grab a taxi and they pull right outside of the mall or 2. Grab a metro, the station is actually called Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall and you actually walk into the mall itself. Here, they also had an ice rink, a waterfall and a massive aquarium! You get a sneak preview in the mall so me and Luke didn’t go in.

Jumeriah Beach/Burj Al Arab – You can’t actually go inside the Burj Al Arab as you can imagine, unless you are willing to pay money! This is the worlds only 7 star hotel and it looks magnificent, so for us to just see the outside was amazing. A couple of streets down was Jumeriah Beach. A massive beach with the most loveliest warm, clear water ever combined with white sands and a view of the Burj Al Arab. We didn’t stay long here due to the heat but it was amazing to visit and have a little swim.

Desert Safari – Although we didn’t get to experience ours, the desert safari’s are a must to do. They take you over the sand dunes, camel riding, have a BBQ on the beach, and more. You usually pay 400AED (£95) for everything included, but you can get cheaper versions.


Getting There

Dubai airport is massive, as not only is it for tourists on holiday but also, an airport that most people stop over for their connecting flight elsewhere. It’s very easy and comfortable to operate though, as they tell you exactly where you need to go and what you need to do before you even depart the plane. Women receive roses on arrival as their way of respect which was a lovely gesture and nice surprise, little to Luke’s jealousy. Then, once through passport control and baggage claim, are signs all leading to where you want to go next, which for us was the metro.

Getting Around

– Metro – Dubai’s metro system is very easy to operate, it’s just like any other city. They have 3 lines – one green, one red and one orange. The green and the red are the most popular ones as the orange line just takes you all the way around the Jumeriah area (beach, marina and the monorail out to the palm islands) as it’s situated further out than the main attractions. NO1 Red Card cost 22AED (£4.50) each for the whole day (up to midnight). Similarly, it costs 4.60AED (90p) for one journey if you preferred.

– Buses – If you purchase a NO1 Red Card, you are also entitled to use the bus system as it’s included. These also, are very easy to understand. There are bus timetables outside the bus shelters which tell you the stops they go to and what number bus each one is. Once, inside the bus shelter there is a TV screen which informs you how long your wait will be. Most importantly, they are air-conditioned which was a god send!

– Taxis – You always hear stories about taxi drivers taking you to the wrong place or mugging you off by charging extremely high prices. But, the taxis we experienced were okay. They are all air conditioned and the ones we used all wore a uniform and looked legit. We also, before getting in, made sure there was a meter running so we can see exactly what we are paying and why. The meter starts at 5 AED (£1) before getting in. All in all, taxis aren’t the most cheapest way but if you have the money and not the time, this is definitely the way to go.

Eating & Drinking

– If you’re a fussy eater or are very unsure about the Emirati food. Then, head to one of the malls, there is loads of them in Dubai and they all serve a massive variety of food from all around the world, so you’re bound to find something you like! (Apart from alcohol!)


– Book tickets for major attractions well in advance to guarantee the best price

– Don’t go in September (like us!) as it’s their hottest time of the year and trust me, it’s hard!

– Use the metro from the airport, but only if there’s a metro station near to your hotel!

– In Dubai city centre, it’s okay to wear shorts and shoestring tops, but as soon as you head outside to the more traditional areas (I.e. Deira where the souks are) you need to cover up, as hot as it may be.

– On Friday’s the metro starts later in the day so it is 10am instead of your usually 6am.

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