The journey into El Nido

A short flight from Boracay to El Nido, one of the main cities on the Palawan island. When you first get out of El Nido’s airport, theres not many options that await you, transport wise. Although not expensive, it’s still a bit more compared to the usual ‘Grab’ prices. Moreover, you obviously can’t haggle because these people are your only option.

Things to do

In El Nido there’s a lot of tour options to do – weather permitting. Which surprise, it wasn’t for us. There loads of tours you can do like island hopping, exploring the many lagoons, discovering caves, etc. On the actual island itself, theres many waterfalls to see. However, they do require a guide who takes you through the jungle but, this can be quite pricey.

There’s also the famous beach – Nacpan, known for it’s incredible beauty. Alined with palm tress connected by white sands and accompanied by clear blue waters. As established, it wasn’t great weather for us. Unfortunately, we had an accident going here as the mud made it almost impossible to motorbike through! (*we are all okay now!) so be careful if it is raining!


Boogie Fight – A delicious Filipino/Asian restaurant reflecting cheap prices. Amazing food with Western choices too

Altrove – A (very!) popular restaurant in El Nido. That popular, that there’s queues outside when it’s about to open. An Italian serving great pizza and pasta dishes. People even claim that it might be better than Italy!


On Christmas Day we decided to do the famous zip lining here in El Nido. A zip line that connects El Nido, Las Cabanas beach to Depeldet island. This 750m is a beautiful (and fun!) is a way to how beautiful the island is. With the glistening blue waters underneath as you glide your way to the end. Below shows you how you can do this and how much it would be;

  • Sitting position – One way – 500PHP
  • Sitting position – Return – 900PHP
  • Superman position – One way – 700PHP
  • Superman position – Return – 1100PHP
  • Combination of both positions – Return – 1000PHP

Where’s next?

Departing El Nido at 6am, we are getting a boat to our last island in the Philippines. 2 days in the paradise of Coron.


  • Be prepared for a hike up to get to the zip line – so don’t wear flip-flops!
  • Stay near the port in El Nido if you are thinking more about just doing the water activities
  • If you’re money conscious, get a one-way zip line as it’s quite a nice walk on the way back.

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