The Drive

The drive from Sihanoukville to Kampot was only 4 hours which obviously flew by compared to our last bus journey! On the way there our guide was informing us about the terrors that recently went on. The Khmer Rouge. This is something that can’t really be explained properly in a blog post. We passed a nearby lake Called secret lake. Where he explained, that 1,000-2,000 people were killed here. The devastating history of Cambodia truly had a dark pass with 40% of the population being killed. Over 3.3 million.

Kampot’s Famous Pepper & Salt Farm

Once settled in to our accommodation, we headed for the famous Kampot Pepper Farm. Once arrived, we had the opportunity to understand the histories of the farm and even get to taste some ourselves from the mild, mediocre stuff you’re used to, to the hot and spicy pepper granules! After this, we had a tour around the farm to see the different fruits and pepper they grow in their land.

Sunset Boat Cruise

To finish our day here in Kampot we decided to participate on a sunset boat cruise $6USD. Here, you can sit on the roof of the boat as you sail along you see the sunset in the distance. It’s the perfect way to see the city as the river guided through the centre under the many bridges. At the end of the tour before turning back around, once the sun had set, we pulled up to a nearby edge. It was then that you witness the fireflies nestled in the trees. Despite being quite difficult to see, it soon will appear to look like Christmas lights. Gleaming and glistening, you can’t help to marvel at the beauty.

What’s next?

The next couple of days,  involved a lot of travelling! A bus to Ho Chi Minh City for $16, to stay for one night before catching a taxi to the airport, a plane to Manila in Philippines.


  • It’s pretty touristy here but as far as we saw it’s not too packed that it’s uncomfortable. Head down the river where all the restaurants and things to do are
  • A one night stay is enough here if you arrive early enough on the first day to go to the pepper farm
  • Simply Things Vegetarian café is the place to go, its run by Russians and they’re accommodating and the food is delicious.

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