Looking back after Koh Samui, Krabi was really a time filled by just relaxing and catching up with a couple of day excursions dotted in between. This is due to it not being busy or super expensive or because half the time we were here it was actually monsooning!

The Beginning

We got here at around half one after our journey started at 8 via a boat and then a bus.

We checked in at a beautiful hotel called Anyavee Ao Nang Bay Resort (free upgrade again, result!) which came with access to the swimming pool and sauna just 10 metres from our room.

When we arrived we walked down what is classed as ‘the strip’ where it all happens, only a 5 minute walk from our hotel. It was right on top of the beach filled with restaurants, travel tour companies and massage parlours. We grabbed some lunch and ran back to our room as it started to pour down with rain, this is where we stayed for the remaining day with a quick run out to Echo Bar for some dinner with our beautiful poncho’s on.

Phi Phi Islands Trip

The next day was something me and Luke we’re looking forward to for quite some time, from when we were back in England – ages now right? This was a boat trip that took us to a load of islands including the famous Maya Beach and Phi Phi Islands!

For 1,900baht each from Sun-San Travel (£43) we managed to see all the sights within a day – this is the cheapest way (believe it or not!) to see the Phi Phi Islands. It first started by climbing on board a speedboat to reach Bamboo Island. Although, it’s not full of Bamboo like you’d expect but once upon a time it was. Instead to us, this was a beautiful beach surrounded by pristine waters. We swam and relaxed here until the unpredictable monsoon down pour reached us in which we all scurried to the boat for our next island.

Next was supposed to be Maya Bay but due to the massive waves beginning, we headed to the Phi Phi Islands to dine for an early lunch and hopefully wait for the skies to clear to continue our journey. We got there and headed straight to the restaurant which had a display of all different foods ranging from spaghetti to soups to traditional rice dishes. Finishing up, we still had 20 minutes to explore this island before getting back on the boat.

Despite the view being ruined by tourist boats, you could see why the Phi Phi Islands are incredible and why millions of tourists each year flee here as a holiday destination. With the warmest, insanely turquoise waters dancing under your toes, limestone vertical cliffs surrounding the island and the sea breeze gently blowing (side note: the weather was still holding out for us!)

You could easily spend forever here it was honestly like you’d taken a leaf from a travel brochure back home. However, it was time to keep exploring! Our next destination consisted of a stop to Monkey Beach – a beach home to little monkeys and they were everywhere, we’d never seen anything quite like it! Then, we went to Maya Bay.

Maya Bay is from a famous movie starring Leonardo DeCaprio called The Beach and it was exactly that. It was a pocket of paradise, the small enclave surrounded by rock formations that toppled over the horizon it was clear to see why this beach is one the top destinations when travelling to these islands. However it’s not without its faults, in peak season it gets super busy here, so don’t expect many photos without a huge number of tourists photobombing you! Although, this is the place where you get that perfect slowboat Instagram photo!

After this, we stopped off at Pileh Bay. Which was a small area just off the edge of the Viking Bay. We stopped off by having a little swim in the warm, striking turquoise water.

Next up was Lohsamar Bay. Which, despite the awful weather was actually quite nice, you can get a hotel here if you wanted a longer stay. Hopping off the boat here was a fantastic experience, in the relatively shallow waters you could see the marine life tickle your toes and larger fishes moving between the bright purple and blue coral reef. You are surrounded by vibrant yellow and blue fish within your touch. We’re gutted we didn’t get a photo to show you all as we forgot our GoPro this day but it is something we definitely will never forget – more so for Luke, as he got s bit freaked out by the fact they were so close!

The weather was now quite turbulent which meant a very, very choppy ride back to Ao Nang, we’re happy we took a speedboat on this trip but it was dangerously wavey, some 3 meters high at some spots. Looking back seems quite funny but whilst onboard it was very worrying!

After a long day, we went back out in the evening to grab some food and a couple of drinks in the local bars, as we were in the low season not much was going on but, we still gave it a go!

The next day is nothing worth writing about really as we spent the day chilling. Luke’s Macbook charger failed to work anymore so we rented a motorbike and headed for Krabi town to purchase a new one. Although, the drive up there is something truly magical. The winding twists and turns of the Thai highway was complete with a stunning backdrop of the mile-high cliffs either side, you were treated to spectacular views of the scenery every moment you looked. We returned and went swimming in the pool before heading out for dinner. We opted to dine in Kodam Kitchen which was a beautiful mix of Thai, Western and Indian dishes for great prices.

Kayaking Railay

Our last full day in Krabi consisted of a highly-recommended excursion from both websites, reviews and friends – it was a trip to Railay Beach. It was located only about a 20 minute boat ride away so it was very convenient for us. To get a boat, you arrive at the Ao Nang strip and buy a ticket from the local pier stand setting you back only 100baht (£2.10) one way. We made our way there and relaxed on the beach whilst we ogled at the sights this beach brought.

We decided to rent a kayak to explore further of this gorgeous island and it did not disappoint. For only 300baht for 2 people (£6.60) you couldn’t complain. The next 2 hours were spent paddling around the rock formations, under distinct caves and through cliffs. The best part was we didn’t fall in once!

We grabbed some lunch at the island before sadly, returning back home to Ao Nang. We got home and relaxed, packing our bags up and went out for a bite to eat. We called it an early night as we had a long journey ahead of us the next day.

The next day, we flew to Bangkok to continue our Thailand journey to further North.


  • Stay on the Phi Phi Islands if you can afford it
  • 2 hours is enough to kayak around Railay
  • Go see a lady boy show!


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