Me and Luke had a few destinations in mind and some sort of route to go by, so we went to Bluewater STA Travel and told them what we thought was a good route and if we are going about it the right way, location and finance wise. We were kind of on track.. but, a few places we had to scrap off completely i.e. South Korea. They advise you on loads of stuff & are really helpful and friendly. Once decided on the route, we’ve used resources like lonely planet books (which you can buy on eBay for cheaper) or for even cheaper go to the library to browse their books or use websites like &

Our route we are (roughly) doing is shown below;

Dubai (3) – India (Uncover India tour with STA Travel 21 days) – Hong Kong (3) – Tokyo (3) – Bangkok (1) – Koh Tao (2) –  Koh Phangnan (4) – Koh Samui (4) – Bangkok (2 weeks) – Laos (1 month) – Cambodia (1 month) – Vietnam (1 month) – Penang & Langkawi (2 weeks) – Kuala Lumpur (3) – Singapore (2) – Yogyakarta (5) – Bali (3 weeks) – Australia (?)

Subject to change (highly likely)

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