The beginning

Getting the boat back from Don Det, we embark the bus ready for a long 6 hour bus journey to the city of Siem Reap in Cambodia. Click here to read about our adventure in Southern Laos. Planning to stay roughly 2-3 weeks here, we could not wait to see what treasures it held.

Border crossing

The boarding crossing was quite simple actually. We filled out our arrival cards prior to the border gates preparing for an easy process. We handed over this, complete with the money, passports and photos. Within 5 minutes, this was done.


Accommodation is so easy in Siem Reap as it’s one of the main cities in Cambodia. We found a Guesthouse nearby the popular Pub Street where all the main hubs are located. Big Lyna Homestay was lovely. With big rooms, clean bathrooms and the friendliest staff/family ever. Inclusive with breakfast featuring a baguette and mixed seasonal fruits.

Night market

Our first night we attended the night market just off of the infamous Pub Street. From clothes to souvenirs to electronics goods, it had it all. Surrounded in neon flashing lights with the smell of nearby street vendors and hearing the occasional bartering it was like a home away from home.

Swimming pools/Chilling days

Besides Angkor, there’s not much to do in Siem Reap during the day. Especially, when the golden roasting sun begins to come out. So, there are many swimming pools around the city you can encounter to chill beside or take a dip.

Read an article about what swimming pools are good and where, here

Mini golf

For an unusual thing to do if you have a free day or even night, like we did, there is a mini golf. Not exactly situated nearby, but a 15/20 minute tuk tuk ride away from the centre. For $5USD you can play a game of 14 holes mini/crazy golf. Most holes represent a different temple of Angkor which folds pleasantly within the Cambodian athsetic.

More importantly, if you get a hole in one you receive a free beer! & if you manage to make the top 5, your name goes on the leaderboard and you receive a free t-shirt!

Siem Reap’s Pub Street

This is a street dedicated to the backpackers. With bars located both sides and ridiculously cheap deals for beers, it would be a shame not to visit. Decorated in neon lights accompanied with the familiar thumping chart, dance and house music and the crowd of people from all over the world here to have a good time.

Pub crawls

For that reason above, we booked a pub crawl – a messy decision upon reflection! Starting at 8pm inside Angkor What? pub, we ventured from bar to bar, shot to shot, dances to drinking games and so on until it turns into a hazed mess. (Apologises, that I can’t talk much about this – I legit can’t remember anything!)

Angkor Historical Park

Hiring a tuk-tuk for $20USD at ridiculous o’clock in the morning to take us among the historical wonders of Angkor starting with a sunrise over Angkor Wat. The historical park was absolutely breathtaking and you could easily spend days awing at the beauty and intrigate details. We only done a half day $37USD as we only really wanted to see the main ones

If you want to know more, click to see the route we took and information about each stop in Angkor Wat


There are many many restaurants and bars located within Siem Reap and you won’t have trouble finding these at all ranging from expensive cuisines, to familiar outlets like Hard Rock Café, to independent cheap eats. One recommendation would be to try La Pasta. An Italian which treats you so well and their food is so nice!

Where next?

On journey takes us West to Battambang, a small remote town in Cambodia. Here, we are experiencing how a Cambodian lives by immersing ourselves in a traditional homestay.


  • (Personal experience tip!) do not pre-drink before a pub crawl 😂
  • Try not to leave/enter the country on a Sunday as you will have to pay $10USD more.
  • Trousers and a t-shirt must be worn for Angkor (men and women). A scarf will not do for entering the temples.
  • Angkor wat is beautiful to do at Sunrise but get there early as it takes a while to queue for the tickets, buy the tickets and drive to the Angkor Wat temple
  • Hire a tuk-tuk to take you around Angkor as it’s pretty far to walk around! Alternately, hire a bicycle and cycle around the many historic sites.

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Wanderlust Lab is a collaboration between Abbie and Luke for the sharing of travelling knowledge to help backpackers and travellers all across the globe. Live Wanderlust.

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