It’s late. Your flight leaves in under 12 hours and you think you’re ready. Your backpack is bursting and you’re worried about how you’re even gonna be able to walk in this thing, it’s huge!

But in your haste, have you forgotten any of these things? We’ve compiled a list of last minute things you may of forgot for your adventure, and trust us, some of them are more important than you know.

1. Packing Cubes

These are a god send. If you’re a little bit of an organisation freak like me you’ll thank me later. These little cubes allow for neatly organisation everything in your backpack so you don’t just end up with one big jumble of clothes wondering what’s washed and what’s not (if the smell doesn’t give it away by your third day in that South East Asia heat).

You can get relatively decent ones for under £20 and even help with organising your various cables for chargers and phones etc.

Another added plus is that it also forces you to be a bit less clothes happy when packing and travelling, because chances are you’re already taking too many clothes – I lived on 3 underwear for 2 months I’ll have you know!!

(Not really.. it was 2)

2. US Dollars

Ah yes the famous greenback. This currency is you life saver when you’re in the remote village of a place you can’t pronounce and an ATM is just three random letters to the locals.

We headed out on our round the world journey with $250 for emergencies and it came in handy that’s for sure! In some places your card won’t be accepted at ATMs and other places such as Cambodia might actually only take dollars for entry visas.

So maybe don’t forget this unless you like being stranded at a border with nothing but a guard with broken english for company.

3. Sun cream

Award for the most obvious thing to forget ever goes right here. I can’t stress enough how much money you’ll save if you bring a couple bottles of this before you leave Home.

If you burn easy like me you’re gonna need it, but the locals don’t. They’re already well protected with their skin colour – us, not so much.

You might think ‘ah I’ll just buy it out there at the nearest 7/11’. Sure you can do, but you’ll pay for the privilege – they’re around 2x more expensive than back home for even the cheaper brands.

Even worse is some of them contain bleaching agents. So maybe it’s best to bring from back home.

4. International drivers license

Sure, call us a nervous Nellie all you like and we’d be inclined to agree before we left for travelling. But now we’ve been out here and got caught by the ‘tourist police’ here in Thailand, we would say it’s probably the best way to cover yourself and save them pennies you’ve been putting away in that secret pouch you strap to your belly!

It’ll only set you back £5 back home to get it and they’re super easy to get – if you don’t have one and you rent a motorcycle you’ll usually be ok but if you do get super unlucky like us you could be looking at a £10-12 fine each time you get caught without one.

5. Drawstring Bag

Yep totally obvious and self explanatory, you’re not gonna be carrying your big backpack with you to the temples and waterfalls right?

So get a string bag so you’re not left juggling water bottles, cameras, phones and money in your pockets.

It’s amazing how many people forget this.

6. Extension Lead

If you’re travelling as a couple this is maybe more for you.

I can’t tell you how many bickering arguments I’ve had about who gets to use the wall adapter for either straighteners or phone chargers. So grab an extension lead or something similar, you can get relatively lightweight ones online.

Saves headaches and enjoy the non-blackout moments in Laos, of which there are few.

7. Headphone Splitter

Another one for you couple travellers out there.

You’ll soon realise about offline Netflix and  how you’ll actually start looking forward to them long coach journeys across the continent. But what comes in super handy is a headphone splitter so you can your partner can watch the same stuff together, just like back home.

I hope this short article helped you remember them last minute things you need to pack and if you’ve already done all this then rest assured you’re in good stead to have a stress free journey! Enjoy!

About The Author

Wanderlust Lab is a collaboration between Abbie and Luke for the sharing of travelling knowledge to help backpackers and travellers all across the globe. Live Wanderlust.

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