Breakfast at 7.30, leaving at 10. We headed off in jeep on route for Tordi Sagar, taking about 3-4 hours.

Tordi Sagar is a small Indian village between Jaipur and Pushkar, it’s inhabitants are not strictly weathy, nor poor and the majority are farmers. It has a population of around 3,000 and is run by 5 ‘councillors’ that are nominated by the community – as is customary in many rural Indian villages.

Once arrived, we were staying at a beautiful mansion with a roof terrace, balcony view room and a massive dining area outside (Tordi Garh). We put our stuff in our rooms then headed down to have a traditional Indian lunch. This consisted of dough balls, soup and what we can only call, brown sugar cous-cous. It was really good!

After lunch, we had some free time before heading off on a jeep safari at 6. So, we went straight to the roof terrace to take a few pictures and socialise before returning back to our room to freshen up (this included running back up to the roof terrace because it was chucking it down with rain, so me and Luke decided to run in it ?)

6’o clock arrived and it was time for the safari. We all jumped onto the jeeps and set off for an adventure. After a very fun, bumpy ride we got there. We made 2 short stops on the way for a lake and a traditional well which was interesting. When we got to the dunes, we took off our flip-flops and headed up the sand dune which was very hard and tiring ?.

Once at the top we had some chai tea and coffee whilst enjoying the sunset in the distance. Seeing this view put a lot of the village into perspective, you can see that the untouched nature surrounding this place adds to its enigma, there are no real roads, surrounded by mountains and frequent power cuts. It’s refreshing to be somewhere where you are quite literally cut off from the rest of the world.

We made our way back and sat outside for a traditional Indian dinner. Soup for starter, cake for dessert and for main course we had a selection; rice, spiced vegetables, spiced potatoes, lamb kofta, naan and chicken curry.

Afterwards, we sat around the table socialising and dancing to Bollywood music. We headed to bed around midnight.

We woke up in the morning at 6.30, ready for breakfast at 7.30. Breakfast was nice with the options of cereal, spiced rice, toast, omelette and/or bananas, complimented by either tea, chai tea or coffee.

From here, we headed out to the local village for an orientation walk to understand the local culture. Before India’s independence there was a significant class divide in villages like these.

‘Untouchables’ as they were known, were the lowest class and were denied access to basic schooling and water for example, however once Ghandi gained India’s independence this changed somewhat in the late 40’s. And now many positions of power are held by this class of citizens

We finished this by walking into the local schools and meeting/interacting with the children. This was an amazing experience to see how they work, how great their English is & how friendly and happy they are. Forever asking for pictures and our names, etc. It was wonderful.

We then returned back to start our journey into Pushkar.


  • Don’t give anyone any money as they are aren’t poor, but not really wealthy but, they are doing okay.
  • Bring plenty of food and water or have it included in where you are staying, because there’s no many ATMs or shops around.
  • Although you’ll probably never visit this place a lot of rural villages like this exist in the Indian countryside – be prepared to be cut off from pretty much everything.

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