Turkey was our first holiday that we spent a whole week together – we survived.

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The first da0134e7670fc5d511bc660e807d170ad3fa7eea0dc5y consisted of getting a midday flight into Turkey then taking a transfer to the hotel. Definitely recommend the hotel – Pine Hill Hotel & Suites (Hisaronu), it cheap enough, the facilities are lovely & the staff are amazing! Me & Luke checked into our room and started unpacking. We soon chucked our swimming stuff on and enjoyed the sun by the pool. We took a quick walk into town (literally like 2 minutes) and went to the local supermarket – Azda, to buy a few bits and pieces like water and chocolate – obviously, to tie us over for a few days. After this, we went back to the hotel to get ready for our first night in Turkey. We had a few cocktails which Luke took a picture of me with one – you will see a theme of this for this holiday. We met a cool doggo as well and chilled with him for a bit before deciding to call it a night and go to bed, ready for the next day.016f262b2232ce0711cfb566f1aac09cc65943115a

This holiday was mainly a relaxing one to give us all time to chill. We pretty much did the same thing every day e.g. laying by the pool, by that I mean – me relaxing and sunbathing and Luke annoying me every 5 minutes saying how he was bored and wanted someone to play with him.. eating and going out in the evening. We did a few excursions during the holiday as well as there are so many stalls/tour huts in the towns that sell them. I recommend walking around the town first to get ideas for prices as they all vary. The ones we did were;

  • Turkish Bath & Shave – Now, if anyone knows Luke, they  know that Luke don’t do dirt or like getting touched. But, these 2 things are the ‘must do’ while you spend your time in Turkey so we had to. The Turkish bath (for me) was so lovely.. So, you start off in a Sauna and see how much you can handle, you then lay on this heated slab in the middle of the room, they exfoliate all over your body, soap you down and rinse it all off whilst massaging you. A must do before you get that wonderful glow of a tan! Then, when your finished you lay on another heated bed with a face mask, it is bliss. On the other hand, for Luke, not so much.. He hated every minute, he is very tigglish so you just saw him sliding side to side not enjoying it one bit – humorous for me and all my family though. He wasn’t a massive fan on the shave either.
  • Market – We got up early one morning and headed down to Fetiye market, where you get a cheap Dolmus bus about 30/45 minutes away and there stands a massive market filled with all the fake goods you can imagine. We managed to get loads of bargains and amazing deals. Bartering is a must do though as you can normally get them down at least 50%!
  • Jeep Ride – The jeep ride was one that we all booked onto. Filled with water guns, you can imag0135d529773bc8bfc403e50d360cc1f5ebc7f63cddine that the trip there and back to the places we had fun. Our first stop, was a waterfall place. Filled with people making fl011195b01ec7dd816b0278a6f8dbbebd489f441043avored pancakes, Trouts that you can touch swimming in the middle of the bar stools and waterfalls everywhere. After this, we went to another waterfall place, but, this one you had to walk quite a while to get to, then once your there, you can even get under it, which me and Luke obviously did.. Next, we had lunch & explored the gorges. Here, you got to walk through the gorges, trape through the rushing water & walk through. The last stop we done, was the mud bath’s, so we told Luke that you can just dip your feet in, but he got pressured into the whole thing and hated every single second, again for us, it was soooo funny. Another thing that’s a must do in Turkey.
  • Boat Trip – This was so fun! This was a 6 island cruise on a pirate ship (for my cousin’s son) where we got off at various destinations. One of these was the butterfly island – d01248eb3ff502d1980aa2ed1822b4e86b3f1c39a6eidn’t see no butterflies but managed 01238a092bdd67c6524c3272bfa2d425734e51d78cto slip on a rock on the way back from a waterfall, and nearly manage to miss our boat to get back on, literally another minute and we would be stranded hah! You were able to get into the sea via the steps, jumping or down the flume when we stopped, which was really fun too. Then, at the end, when we were drunk I may add, we had a foam party – more for the adults then Billy as he actually hated it. Although, from getting partially blind, it was so fun!

Overall, this was very different to the usual holidays that me and Luke are used to, but, it was very nice to be able to just spend time with all the family.

Next destination: Barcelona

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