This is the horrible (& boring) part to travelling, especially if you’re me and scared of needles. All jabs are recommended to be done at least a month before you go. Below is a table to help you with what you need, how many doses you need & what the costs are;

(The one’s in green are the one’s me and Luke got)

Hep A & B (Combined Twinrix) – 3 jabs needed, these are all free on the NHS.

(For travelers that are travelling for long periods of time, after a year of these 3 injections, receive a booster injection which will keep you immunized for 25 years+)

High risk areas include the Indian subcontinent, Africa, East, Central and South America, Pacific Islands, parts of India, the Far East and Central and Eastern Europe.

Cholera – 2 jabs needed (or oral), these equal to £120 roughly.

(This typically lasts 2 years)

Cholera is mainly recommended for travelers who are volunteering/aid working/medical personnel in disaster relief situations where outbreaks are likely & those traveling to work in slums/refugee camps, areas affected by natural disasters, or countries experiencing cholera outbreaks.

Japanese Encephalitis – 2 jabs needed, these equal to roughly £178.

(This typically lasts only 1 year – 1st Jab needs to be done 2 months before your trip & the 2nd jab needs to be done 1 month after the first one).

It’s very rare for travelers visiting risk areas to be affected by Japanese encephalitis. It’s estimated that less than one in a million travelers develop Japanese encephalitis in any given year.  It’s most common in rural areas throughout South East Asia, the Pacific islands and the Far East, but very rare in travelers.

Typhoid – 1 jab needed, this is free on the NHS.

(This lasts for typically 3 years – no less than 4 weeks before you travel)

Typhoid is found throughout the world, but it’s more likely to occur in areas where there’s poor sanitation and hygiene. High-risk areas include: the Indian subcontinent, Africa, South and South East Asia, South America, the Middle East, Europe & Central America

Meningitis ACW&Y – 1 jab needed, this is free on the NHS

(This typically lasts for about 5 years)

The vaccine is also recommended for people travelling to areas where there is a high risk of contracting meningitis A,C,W or Y, for example parts of Africa. Visitors who are travelling to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages to Mecca will need to produce a certificate of vaccination with a meningitis ACWY vaccine before they can be issued with a visa.

Rabies – 3 jabs are needed, usually costs around £120-£165.

(Typically lasts for about 10 years – 2nd jab will be a week after the first. 3rd jab will be 14/21 days after the 2nd)

Rabies can literally be anywhere around the world so check with travel clinic but you should get vaccinated regardless if you’re travelling to an area where rabies is common and you plan to stay for a month or more or there’s unlikely to be quick access to appropriate medical care or you’re travelling to an area where rabies is common and you plan to do activities that could put you at increased risk of exposure to animals with rabies, such as running or cycling.

Tick Borne – 3 jabs are needed, this usually costs around £150-210

(This typically lasts for about 3 years. 2nd jab should be 1-3 months after the 1st. 3rd jab should be 5-12 months after the 2nd)

Ticks in the UK do not carry the TBE virus. However, ticks spreading the virus can be found in many countries in Europe, such as Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and the Ukraine. TBE is also known to exist in Siberia and the eastern parts of Russia as well as some regions in China and Japan.

Yellow Fever – 1 jab is needed, this usually costs £50-£65 (including certification)

(This lasts for roughly 10 years, & receive it no less than 10 days before travelling)

It’s very rare, however is found in some countries of Africa and most of central America & South. Ensure, you buy a certificate to prove that you have been vaccinated against it.

& Routine Vaccinations 

Ensure these have been kept up to date. These include Mumps, Tetanus, Polio, etc.


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