September 16th – 19th 2016

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Wales was another long weekend break we went on where we used AirBnB, and it paid off. I mean finding a house/cottage big enough to sleep 7 adults & one very excitable dog in the middle of Snowdon is difficult enough as it is. This house (although quite eeary, now looking back) was beautiful. Overlooking the lake, a big kitchen to accommodate our fry-up breakfasts’ each morning and canoes/kayaks on hand if and when we want them with no extra charge.

This was the first holiday that both my family & Luke’s family spent together and we can both honestly say, that we are so thankful and lucky that everyone gets on so well.

Once Luke (stress-fully, i may add) drove me and his brother, Christopher, 5 1/2 hours through long traffic jams, winding country roads and the pitch black (with broken glasses), we finally arrived at the house where everyone img_3557had already settled before us, with a lovely spag bol on the ready with my name on. We had a quick tour around the building, dropped our stuff off to our rooms and ate dinner – with the constant ball being dropped at our feet’s due to Monty getting no attention! After that, we all called it a night ready for the next morning.

img_3594The next day, we went into the local town, Barmouth. A sleepy town, not too dissimilar to what you would find in the west counties of England. It was quite nice to get away from the density of our hometown in Kent, everything ran, a little lower here and even though the weather wasn’t brilliant it was nice to go somewhere completely different to what we were used to. Driving here was quite nice, next time we come down it’s definitely worth bringing a road bike, the gorgeous valleys meander through the ebbs and flows of the Wales countryside that appear never ending.

We spent our evening going to a Michelin starred restaurant which was about a 20 minute drive from our home. It had beautiful fish and steak on offer, and although expensive, Luke certainly enjoyed the hake! The restaurant had big glass windows where you looked img_3695out onto fields and fields, shame the only thing we were able to see was it pouring down with rain. After an evening of board games and drink we were ready for the next day of our adventure.

This day was full with adrenaline activities. Once we ate breakfast, me and Luke attempted the Canoe. Luke & Simon on full swing at rowing and steering (or so I thought), me being camera lady with the Go Pro, in advance, sorry for my giggling and shaky hands and Christopher in his own Kayak showing how it’s MEANT to be done. This was a funny experience, especially when the canoe tipped over. Once we had enough of getting wet, cold and not being able to operate it correctly. We got ready and headed out.

We went to Zip World – Titan, which is the first 4 person zip line in Europe which is over 8,000m long. Once we were all kitted up our our sexy kits, helmets & harness’ we set off onto the first zip line ‘Alpha’. There were 3 in total and it’s fair to say that me and Luke got a bit competitive with who came the fastest, in which I obviously did! This was extremely fun and I’m so glad we did this! Definitely recommend it if you are ever down this way. After this, we got home and relaxed for a bit. Gave Jane a little mini birthday, complete with presents & cakes which she seemed surprised and pleased about. Had a chip shop tea and started a bonfire where Christopher played his guitar and sang some songs. The atmosphere was cliche but amazing. Then Luke took me to pound town. (in his dreams)

Now time for Turkey..

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